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2019 GOALS

It is of great importance to raise more awareness on ocean conservation in the Netherlands. Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast focuses annually on raising this awareness by entering into a dialogue with the population, municipalities, government, corporate businesses and other NGOs alike. In addition to local beach clean-ups, Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast sets up collaborations with beach restaurants through the new Ocean Friendly Restaurant campaign.

This year, Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast will focus expanding the Surfrider community and it's network in the Netherlands.


All our goals contribute to the international objective of clean beaches, clean water and the protection of surf spots.


Surfrider Foundation is an international organization creating positive change defending and protecting the ocean, the coastline, the waves. Now that Surfrider Foundation has received recognition at European level, Surfrider has also become an important player in the European debate on coastal development, water quality and plastic soup.

The actions of Surfrider international are not only intended to make the population more aware, but also to take active steps towards governments, industry and the EU through international data collection.

Our local chapter supports this international vision.